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"When Purity Matters More Than Ever…"

Natural Cotton Breast Pad
Purity matters when you breastfeed your child.

There's likely no time in a woman's life when purity matters more than when you're a new mom.

You want only the freshest and purest for your baby – and you certainly don't want your baby potentially exposed to toxic chemicals when you nurse.

Did you know that disposable breast pads and maternity pads, just like sanitary pads and tampons, are often made from the same synthetic materials?

Which means they may also potentially contain dioxins, phthalates, disinfectant by-products, BPA, and trihalomethanes.

We know that dioxin crosses the placenta into the unborn developing fetus. It can also be present in breast milk, thereby exposing your newborn infant.

We don't know the extent, if any, that synthetic pads contribute to this potentially serious issue. But, in my opinion, it's worth taking a closer look at every opportunity to lower any potential risk to your baby.


Introducing My Premium Personal Care Line – The Solution that Meets Your Maternity and Nursing Needs… Naturally

My Premium Personal Care line includes my Natural Cotton Breast Pads and Natural Cotton Maternity Pads. They're both…

  • Made with 100% Natural Cotton – A more naturally breathable fiber that may be healthier for your body.
  • Chlorine- and toxin-free – Keep potentially dangerous substances away from your most intimate body parts.
  • Synthetic-free – For a softer and plastic-less feel.
  • Wood Fluff Pulp-free – Breathable, absorbent and saves trees, too.
  • Hypoallergenic and soothing, especially for those with sensitive skin.
  • User-Friendly – Easy and comfortable to use.

Designed to be soft and gentle on your skin, my Natural Cotton Breast Pads absorb leaks in between feedings.

They're discreet, thanks to gentle shaping that adjusts perfectly to your curves. And they come with adhesive stick to ensure they won't slip out of place.

Natural cotton insures breathability against your skin, and there's a back protection layer to help prevent leaks.

When you find yourself needing extra protection, right after birth or during extra heavy flow days (and nights), you'll want to reach for my Natural Cotton Maternity Pads.

Their long, straight shape is ideal for these special times, along with a gentle and soft top layer for added comfort. My Maternity Pads contain a 100% natural cotton absorbent core with a leak protection back layer. Plus they're covered with a special breathable interlace cotton sheet for added dryness.

My Maternity Pads and Breast Nursing Pads are both made from 100% natural, breathable cotton and provide great protection with a cotton absorbent core.

Best of all, nothing but pure cotton touches your body.

Just like my other natural cotton feminine hygiene and personal care products, my Maternity Pads and Breast Nursing Pads are:

  • Synthetic-free
  • Cellulose fluff pulp-free
  • Rayon- and vicose-free
  • Chlorine- and toxin-free
  • Perfume and super-absorbent free
  • Hypoallergenic

My Premium Breast Nursing Pads and Maternity Pads Available only at

These quality products are not available on store shelves or anywhere else online as they are manufactured exclusively for us.

I want to help support your health and wellbeing, especially at such an important time in your life. It's up to you to give your baby his or her best start in life – one with as few toxins and chemicals possible.

My Premium Natural Cotton Breast Pads and Maternity Pads may help do that. Our goal here at is to offer some of the safest and most cost-efficient solutions, found in high quality, absorbent natural cotton.

If you're a new mom (or soon to be) – or know someone special who is – why not stock up today? What better gift can you give yourself or someone you love than natural, toxin-free protection?

Go ahead and place your order today. Toxin-free living has never been so easy!

Maternity Pack

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Maternity Pack


  • (2) Natural Cotton Breast Pads - 30 Per Box
  • (1) Natural Cotton Maternity Pads - 10 Per Box
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Natural Cotton Breast Pads
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Natural Cotton Breast Pads
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Natural Cotton Maternity Pads
10 Pads

Natural Cotton Maternity Pads
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Natural Cotton Sanitary Pads
16 Pads

Natural Cotton Sanitary Pads
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